Cybersecurity and Risk Management

In the modern landscape of cybersecurity, one uncomfortable truth is clear—managing cyber risk across the enterprise is harder than ever. Keeping architectures and systems secure and compliant can seem overwhelming even for today’s most skilled teams. Whether it is the personally identifiable information (PII) or electronic protected health information (ePHI) you process, or your organization's trade secrets you wish to protect, the theft of this information can have significant impact to your organization. You need to align your cybersecurity capabilities to effectively detect, monitor and respond to threats across your traditional systems, cloud computing services and mobile environments.

Digital Point Technologies Inc. can assist your organization to:

Gap Analysis and Cybersecurity Roadmap: Conduct a cyber security risk assessment to identify the threats to your organization and the protections currently in place. 

Design Policies and Standards: Based on CIS, the NIST, and ISO 27001 Cybersecurity Framework, we can deisgn cumtom cybersecurity policies and standards for differeents domains such as application secuirty, netwrok security, cryptography security etc.

Design Technical Harening Requirments:  We can design custom techncal hardening configuration requirments for different technologies such as Auzue cloud, Kubernetes, Windows OS, Unix/Linux OS, MS SQL Server, Oracle etc.

Network Penetration Test: Our security experts conduct real-world attacks to determine organization's security weaknesses. Our extensive knowledge of the most current attack vectors, along with our experience in the financial services, insurance, healthcare and utilities industries, will provide you with the assurance and confidence you need to concentrate on your business rather than on your network security.

Application Penetration Test: We can assist to conduct  application penetrtion test on your internet facing web, mobile and API applications. We will use methodologies based on the OWASP Top 10 most critical web application security risks. Our app pen test process includes mostly manual test that will help to identify more risk based vulnerabilities

Adapt, Evolve, and Sustain: Be an advisor to your team to help you stay abreast of threats and the technologies and services that offer potential to mitigate risks. Provide strategies and solutions to address changes to your IT environment and the adoption of cloud computing services.

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