Application Pen Test

The websites and web applications are mission-critical business systems that must operate without security problems to process corporate confidential information. And to respect data protection standards, companies must consider web application penetration testing. 
Digital Point Tech offer web application penetration testing services, to help provide your business with additional confidence and advanced computer network defenses when combating modern cybercrime. Web application penetration testing is an extremely useful service to businesses that demand the absolute best in application security assurance. This service is useful to help you identify weaknesses in the web app, web servers and associated databases that store sensitive information. As part of this service, we will proactively identify any OWASP top 10 threats that exist in the web application and provide the necessary advice to rectify all the vulnerabilities we discover.

Our Application Penetration Testing services more accurately simulates real-world hacking situations to:

Identify security vulnerabilities present in your web application  

 We follow the OWASP web application testing framework, which covers a vast amount of security checks.

Understand the contextualized risk, primary threats, critical functions, and security violations

Acquire a foothold on internal and external threats                                                 

Get a clear picture of where you must shore up your application security weaknesses     

Proactively protect your application from most critical vulnerabilities                         

Help analyze, prioritize, address, and remediate identified application security flaw


We understand that providing sufficient information on the vulnerabilities is crucial to improve the security posture of the application(s). Digital Point Tech provides an assessment report detailing the vulnerabilities, the impact it would have on the business, ease of exploiting it and risk rating to help understand and mitigate the security issues.

Key sections of assessment report would comprise the below:

Executive Summary    

Brief descriptions based on the assessment results and findings

List of identified vulnerabilities with Severity (High/Medium/Low), Score, Vulnerable section (Hosts, Network, server components), Description, Implication, Specific recommendation to address fix the vulnerability classifications

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