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SIEM Solution

A modern SIEM needs three core capabilities—data collection, analytics, and response—to provide the security monitoring and visibility needed in today’s hybrid and multi-cloud environments. A SIEM’s job is to ingest data across your entire network (data collection), identify malicious behavior (analytics), and provide alerts to security and IT teams to give them the visibility and information to respond before the issue becomes serious (response). If compliance reporting is an important driver, a SIEM should also be able to assist with dashboards and ensuring security policy is being enforced.
When deployed properly, a SIEM offers organizations the visibility they need to measurably reduce risk across the entire network to detect both known and unknown threats. SIEM solutions have been around for the better part of two decades, and today’s modern SIEMs don’t quite resemble their original, log management counterparts. As the security landscape has evolved, SIEMs have evolved as well (at least, some of them have). The most effective, automated solutions today include:
>> Fewer false positives
>> Accurate malware detection
>> Comprehensive analysis of all infrastructure
>> Ability to learn new threats
>> Endpoint detection
Digital Point Technologies Inc. can help  to design and implement an effective and measurable SIEM solution for your organization.

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