DDoS Services

DDoS or distributed denial of service, is an attack where multiple compromised systems are used to target a single system causing denial of service (DoS) in which services are unavailable. DDoS attacks are a threat to every organization that depends on the Internet to conduct business. DDoS results in loss of profits, damaged reputation, reduced productivity and costly downtime.

DDoS Defense System (DDS) is your first line of defense against today's insidious low and slow application-layer Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, which have become the attacker's weapon of choice, as well as the more traditional high-volume network floods.


Digital Point Tech can help organizations to protect their internet facing applications by on-boarding them under DDoS protection platform.


We will analize your web applications and assocaited infrastrcvuture and based on analysis report, we will generte guideline that will show show you step by step process how to onboard your application under DDoS protection platfrom. 

 Digital Point Tech provides an assessment report detailing the vulnerabilities, the impact it would have on the business, ease of exploiting it and risk rating to help understand and mitigate the security issues.

Key sections of assessment report would comprise the below:

Executive Summary    

Brief descriptions based on the assessment results and findings

List of identified vulnerabilities with Severity (High/Medium/Low), Score, Vulnerable section (Hosts, Network, server components), Description, Implication, Specific recommendation to address fix the vulnerability classifications

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