Risk and Compliance

Whether it's the personally identifiable information (PII) or electronic protected health information (ePHI) you process or your organization's trade secrets you wish to protect, the theft of this information can have significant impact to your organization. You could experience financial loss, disruption of your IT operations or damage to you organization's reputation. You need to align your cybersecurity capabilities to effectively detect, monitor and respond to threats across your traditional systems, cloud computing services and mobile environments.
Digital Point Technologies Inc. can  assist your organization to:
Gap Analysis and Cybersecurity Roadmap:

Identify the threats to your organization and the protections currently in place. Conduct a risk assessment and prepare a roadmap for your organization's Cybersecurity Roadmap that includes project plans with resource requirements.

Implement Cybersecurity Solutions:

Assist your organization to select and implement tools, services, and changes to your processes to implement the Cybersecurity Roadmap. Design and implement solutions to remediate vulnerabilities and compliance gaps to address risk and contractual requirements. Automate manual tasks to speed processing, detect changes and threats, remediate vulnerabilities, and implement security controls to improve the overall security risk and compliance posture.

Adapt, Evolve, and Sustain:

Be an advisor to your team to help you stay abreast of threats and the technologies and services that offer potential to mitigate risks. Provide strategies and solutions to address changes to your IT environment and the adoption of cloud computing services.