Automation testing is an excellent way to ensure that new product versions do not break functionality or introduce new bugs.

Test automation helps in reducing regression testing time and cutting down the time to market with significant cost savings on a long-term basis. However, a clear automation strategy and roadmap are key to ensuring the right return on investment on your automation initiatives. With disparate application architecture, multiple environments, third-party integrations and multiple user devices, a standardized and consistent automation approach is needed to ensure high reusability, ease of maintenance and lower upfront costs.

With the experience of advising clients on test automation and architecting their automation journey, Digital Point Technologies Inc. is one of the automation testing companies that generates the value you always wanted through test automation. Our test automation solutions support your business objectives by designing an automation strategy aligned with enterprise goals. We carry out a detailed tool evaluation exercise to recommend an optimized tool inventory to suit your needs and budget.

Our Test Automation approach

  • >> Assessment of your automation needs and application landscape.      
  • >> Assessment of your existing automation solution. (if any) 
  • >> Tool selection, Proof of Concept and implementation.
  • >> Automated test script creation and execution.
  • >> Creation of regression test suites with flexible execution options.
  • >> Training and handover of automation test pack to client for future maintenance.


Digital Point automation approach

One of the effective approaches we are constantly using is keyword-driven testing (KDT). This approach covers hundreds of test cases in long-term projects with complex business logic.

KDT approach steps

  • Testing plan
  • Automation
    testing script
  • Keyword
    implementation by
    automation engineer
  • Launch of
  • Implementation
    of automated tests
    in the regular pool

Benefits of test automation

  • Cut overall QA costs

    Costs are reduced as the QA team shrinks due to the manual work replacement.

  • Time-to-market

    Overall testing time decreases as automated tests can be run quickly, anywhere and are conditionally free.

  • Improve product quality

    Automated tests eliminate possible human mistakes – automation does not ignore or overlook the things that a real person can.

  • Optimize testing activities

    Automated tests release tester's time, thus allowing to focus on testing extra functionality where manual tests are required.

  • Increase productivity

    Automation can increase productivity by reducing the time required to perform repetitive tasks.

  • Better test coverage

    Test automation, unlike manual testing, provides much greater test coverage when it comes to processing large data volumes.

Three major roles of our approach

Test designer

Сreates the actual keyword-driven test cases, including pre- and post-conditions and keyword parameters.

Automation engineer

Maintains the core framework and adapts it for any new customizations or enhancements

Test runner

Serves as the
continuous integration administration technician.

Maintainable, Portable & Extensible Test Automation

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