Mobile App Testing Services

Everyone on our team has years of experience providing mobile app testing services. Whether your iOS or Android mobile application is native or browser-based, we’re ready to hit the ground running. If you’re just getting started, we can even help you list your app in the Play Store or App Store. 

On-demand reliability. We’re available on-demand, whether you need robust full-time QA or just 20 hours of manual mobile testing here and there. Though our workers are located in the offshore, they’re to be in sync with your business hours.

With Mobility testing services of Digital Point, businesses can ensure the performance, functionality, consistency, security, usability and other important functional as well as non-functional attributes of their mobile testing.
The test approach and strategies businesses use for testing software functionalities are inept in handling quality testing of a mobile app. Mobile testing demands a special, unique approach of testing, which is different from testing a software application. That’s because it involves multiple testing challenges including:
>> Varying hardware, OS, network settings and configuration
>> Diverse nature of apps (native, web, hybrid etc) across multiple platforms
>> Resource-intensive transactions
>> Interface with external systems via WAP (Wireless Application Protocol)
>> Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodologies
>> Network latency

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Mobile apps

Native mobile apps deliver rich experience to users of a particular mobile platform. 
Mobile web apps
Run in mobile browsers, web apps cater to a wider user audience regardless of a mobile platform. Our testing engineers test mobile web apps for a vast variety of browsers for smartphones and tablets.

Digital Point Mobile Testing automation approach

To ensure that enterprise mobile applications quality and intended functionalities are exactly as planned, businesses need specialized and competent mobile testing solutions provided by Digital Point Tech.

Benefits of test automation

  • Cut overall QA costs

    Costs are reduced as the QA team shrinks due to the manual work replacement.

  • Time-to-market

    Overall testing time decreases as automated tests can be run quickly, anywhere and are conditionally free.

  • Improve product quality

    Automated tests eliminate possible human mistakes – automation does not ignore or overlook the things that a real person can.

  • Optimize testing activities

    Automated tests release tester's time, thus allowing to focus on testing extra functionality where manual tests are required.

  • Increase productivity

    Automation can increase productivity by reducing the time required to perform repetitive tasks.

  • Better test coverage

    Test automation, unlike manual testing, provides much greater test coverage when it comes to processing large data volumes.

Three major roles of our approach

Test designer

Сreates the actual keyword-driven test cases, including pre- and post-conditions and keyword parameters.

Automation engineer

Maintains the core framework and adapts it for any new customizations or enhancements

Test runner

Serves as the continuous integration administration technician that can be integrated into DEVOPS model

Maintainable, Portable & Extensible Test Automation

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