Performance testing is a technical investigation done to determine or validate the speed, scalability and/or stability characteristics of the application under test. Getting up to and maintaining at peak performance, critical to business applications can be a nightmare without an expert to help with performance testing. Performance testing – including load testing - is critical since it validates the ability of a system to work effectively under both normal and high load conditions. We are a performance testing services company with robust technical and business prowess and can guarantee smooth working of your business.
As part of our top strengths, we are able to replicate high loads, calibrate and refine systems for optimal performance, which in turn would help you meet the planned business objectives. Our experts are at the top of their ‘performance’ and hence equipped to help with our superlative performance testing services. We offer a holistic solution that includes load testing, volume testing, capacity testing, endurance testing, scalability testing, stress testing, and reliability testing. As a top class performance testing company, we stay with our clients from the detection and analysis stage, all the way to corrective action. With our knowledge base and robust infrastructure, our performance testing services does not only significantly enhance the development efforts, but also reduces the costs involved since we identify issues before it impacts the products and or systems.
Performance Testing Process
>> Thorough examination of and identification of cases for performance testing
>> Understanding variety of load situations, followed by setting up of the performance test structure / plan
>> Test scripts for performance testing at user interface and API levels
>> Implement the performance tests
>> Detailed test result analysis and in-depth recommendations for overall improvement
Performance Measurement
To measure performance accurately, key performance indicators (KPIs) are important.
The amount of time an application is available to the end user. Lack of availability is significant because many applications will have a substantial business cost for even a small outage.
Response Time
The amount of time it takes for the application to respond to a user request. Response time is measured from the time between the end user requesting a response from the application and a complete reply arriving at the user's workstation.
The number of hits on a web page within a given period of time.
How much network bandwidth is being consumed by application traffic or the amount of memory used on a web server.

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