Cybersecurity Services

Do you know the threats to your business and the associated risks? Are you confident that your security measures are meeting your compliance needs? Whether your organization is a federal government agency, a large corporation or a small business, protecting your data and complying with laws can be complex and costly. Digital Point Technologies Inc. can help you implement security risk management and comply with security and privacy requirements. Our experienced and certified professionals execute our proven methods to enable you to rapidly and predictably implement security controls and establish processes for ongoing monitoring.

Our offering is designed to:

Adapt the frameworks and standards to meet your unique business, technology, service delivery and contractual environment and needs.
Identify, quantify, and prioritize security risks and compliance gaps so you can make informed decisions. Demonstrate compliance with your customers, management, internal and external auditors.

Monitor for new risks and measure progress of remediation sustaining your compliance.

Determine the applicable regulations, standards, and guidance for your project, organization, and industry. Select the control framework and methodology to meet the breadth of requirements. Organize and relate controls to assemble control baseline to provide efficiency throughout implementation, assessment and audit processes.

Boundary, Inventory and Categorize: Determine the boundary of the system, inventory components, and data to determine the categorization and data classification to arrive at protection level based on risk tolerance, regulations, and controls framework. Define and Implement Security Controls: System security planning, control selection and scoping based on risk and other factors.

Implementation of security controls ranging from policy/procedure development, installation and implementation of security technologies, and automation of processes.

Assessment of Controls and Vulnerabilities: Perform assessment of the system, its devices, applications, databases and external services preparing reports of weaknesses and vulnerabilities assigned risks.

Risk Mitigation and System Authorization: Assist your organization to develop and implement mitigation strategies that are effective, cost-efficient, and do not adversely impact business operations to achieve authorization to operate the system (ATO).

Continuous Monitoring: Manage change and associated risk by implementing continuous security risk and control compliance monitoring and response. We do this by collecting and correlating data to detect threats, vulnerabilities, and control weaknesses using analytics to calculate and assign risk scores so you can focus resources.

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